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Optional Services

Using our optional services, you can upgrade the look and content of your advertisement. The following options are available:

  • Logo: 24,00 EUR *

    Show your company or product logo. Your logo will be displayed on the results page and on your advertisement page.

  • Up to 6 images: 36,00 EUR *

    Add up to six (6) more images with your advertisement. The graphics will be displayed on the page containing your advertisement.

  • PDF: 12,00 EUR *

    Supplement your text advertisement with a designed advertisement (PDF file). Your PDF file will be offered as a download on the page containing your advertisement.

  • Premium Placement: 48,00 EUR *

    The advertisements are listed in ascending order by date. The older your advertisement is, the further down it is listed. A premium placement pushes your advertisement up in the list once a week.

Advertisements are not a subscription service! After the chosen run time, the advertisement is automatically offline again. You can, however, place the advertisement again if you like by finding it in the archive and re-activating it.

* All prices plus VAT