Sunrise Heater

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The elegant Sunrise Heater is a unique and energy-efficient glass/glass infrared heater developed in Austria & Germany.


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printenergy and the idea behind the product:
printenergy GmbH is a development company specializing in the development of heaters based on flexible, thin-film heating foils. 
This special thin-film technology led to the development of the Sunrise Heater.
The idea was to develop a unique glass heater, with the heating technology embedded between two sheets of glass with a corresponding insulation layer. This made it possible to bring not only a timeless but also a very efficient infrared panel to series production. 
The end customer gets to see a very thin (14mm) technically sophisticated heating device that literally floats in front of the wall when mounted. The excellent output of the efficient and extremely pleasant infrared heat goes without saying.

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Product details

In order to significantly optimize production, especially on the cost side, printenergy has set up a production facility in the greater Shanghai area with a long-standing partner Infinite Flex GmbH. 

The patented and CE-certified design product is delivered in cardboard packaging with installation material, operating instructions and a Smart Home-compatible Wifi room thermostat. As an additional option, there are two stand variants, which are available on rollers or foldable for the 350W variant (for placing in front of the sofa/reading chair, under the desk, etc.).

Three different versions with different heating capacities are offered:

Sunrise Heater 360 (S): 
This heater, measuring 62cm x 62cm, has a nominal output of 350W.
Particularly suitable as additional heating directly at the user or generally for room sizes of 6-8m2.
RRP: 279,99.- gross

Sunrise Heater 750 (M):
Measuring 124.5cm x 62cm, this heater has a nominal output of 750W.
Particularly suitable as an additional heater with some distance to the user or generally for room sizes of 13-18m2.
RRP: 334,99- gross

Sunrise Heater 1000 (L): 
Measuring 160cm x 62cm, this heater has a nominal output of 1000W.
Particularly suitable for room sizes from 16-21m2.
RRP: 369,99- gross

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What we expect from the commercial agent and what we offer:


  • Own sales network.
  • Serious appearance and business dealings with new customers.
  • Sales at specialists and electrical retailers
  • Sales in shops and chains with electrical departments
  • Finding own business fields

What we offer:

  • Partnership and fair-trading relationship
  • Fast processing of transactions
  • Warehousing of goods
  • Assistance and support with technical details in the sales process (if necessary)
  • Assistance with sales documents
  • Above average fix margin (> 20€)
  • Willingness to negotiate additional compensation if special industry knowledge is demonstrated.
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Product Ranges and Products

Construction:  Heating devices, boilers, burners, accessories, Real Estate: Prefabricated houses

Home and Living:  Bathroom furniture, Furniture, Glass, Interior decoration, home accessories

Customers and Target Groups

Consumer market, End-consumer, Physicians’ offices, pharmacies, laboratories, Property developers, general contractors, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Specialised retail trade

Sales Region

Austria with development towards the DACH region