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Joining Tyleia sales force, you'll be bridging international growth and offshore talents worldwide, for SMEs of your region


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Dear Sales professionals,

We are on the hunt for sales experts, to sell outsourced high-performing teams offshore, to the SMEs market in UK & Ireland.

We propose a recurring commission on all invoiced clients in your exclusive territory, during the whole duration of the clients contracts.

Looking forward to a further discussion

Tyleia team

Product Ranges and Products

Miscellaneous:  Corporate consulting, Export representatives, Other specialties

Customers and Target Groups

Banks, insurance companies, Chemical industry, varnishes, lacquers, paints, Civil engineering, glass industry, Consumer market, Cosmetically institute, Electric utilities and power generation, Electrical industry and electronic industry, Engineering firms, company of consulting engineers, Engineers, Food and beverage industry, luxury foods industry, tobacco, Forwarders, haulers, transport, logistics, Furniture industry, kitchen industry, Handwork, handicraft, artisan work, Hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, Industrial kitchens, canteens, cafeterias, caterers, Institutions of higher learning, schools, daycares, nurseries, Mechanical engineering, plant construction, apparatus engineering, Medical supply stores, Metal industry, Nursing homes, long-term care centres, Other, Paper industry, printing industry, Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical technology industry, Physicians’ offices, pharmacies, laboratories, Plastics and polymers industry, Property developers, general contractors, Public authorities, institutions, Publishing house, printers, Restaurants, hotels, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Retail trade (without outlets or branches), Shoe industry, leather goods industry, Specialised retail trade, Textile industry, apparel industry, Vehicle industry, automotive, commercial vehicle construction, Wholesale, Wood industry, window industry, door industry

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Sales Region

UK and Ireland