Freelance Sales Agent for Technical Chemicals | CX80

ID: 34847

Leading Polish technical chemicals manufacturer is searching for independent sales agents on the german-speaking market.


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Freelance Sales Agent for Technical Chemicals

CX80 Polska

We are a leading Polish producer of technical products since 1990. We sell our assortment to manufactures like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Procter&Gamble, small shops or market chains in many European countries. Also, we are the only brand selling aerosol lubricant with TEFLON license. You can find innovative packaging in our range (DuoSpray, Premium) which allows generating higher mark-ups.

In our portfolio there are the following products:

  • multi-purpose sprays
  • anaerobic  adhesives
  • cyanoacrilic adhesives
  • epoxy glues
  • silicones
  • greases with NSF certificate

We are seeking independent sales agents on commision basis to represent CX80 brand on the german-speaking markets. 

The ideal candidate will be responsible for:

  • identifying potential clients, 
  • promoting our product range, and 
  • building strong relationships with dealers and resellers. 


Product Ranges and Products

Construction:  Construction chemicals

Engineering:  Machinery, industrial equipment: Chemistry, Machinery, industrial equipment: Technical oils, greases, Vehicles: Bicycle, motorcycle, bicycle equipment, spare parts, accessories, Vehicles: Motorized vehicles, motor vehicle equipment

Customers and Target Groups

Chemical industry, varnishes, lacquers, paints, Consumer market, End-consumer, Handwork, handicraft, artisan work, Property developers, general contractors, Specialised retail trade, Vehicle industry, automotive, commercial vehicle construction, Wholesale

Sales Region

Germany, Austria, Swiss