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We are seeking independent sales agents on commision basis to represent CX80 brand .


You would like to contact the manufacturer and apply for the agency offer? Then please verify now.

We are leading Polish producer of technical products since 1990. We sell our assortment to manufactures like Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Procter&Gamble, small shops or market chains like Castorama, OBI, Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus in many European countries. Also, we are the only brand selling aerosol lubricant with TEFLON license. You can find innovative packaging in our range (DuoSpray, Premium) which allows generating higher mark-ups.


In our portfolio there are the following products:

•          multi-purpose sprays

•          anaerobic  adhesives

•          cyanoacrilic adhesives

•          epoxy glues

•          silicones

•          greases with NSF certificate


In Poland, the sales department consists of three departments;

- Automotive 35% stake in CX80

- DIY 35% stake in CX80

- Industry 30% stake in CX80


We have a 30% share of the Polish market in areosols.

We compose and manufacture all our products in our premisses, which is located in Chotów nearby Kalisz.


As part of innovation and modification, we cooperate with DuPont, Mercedes-Benz Service, Toyota Manufacturing and Renault S.A.S

Our offer includes products characterized by the highest quality and innovation.

We provide you with real benefits in the form of:

- increase in revenues through unique products / TEFLON® CX80® brand /

- For customers, safety - products made of raw materials with pharmaceutical grade / CX80® Silicone Spray and CX80®Smar Silicone for lubrication of plastics with NSF certificates /

- the optimization of costs incurred for the purchase of specialist technical chemistry.



Please find below the main arguments that demonstrate our uniqueness and competitive advantage:

We use top class substances for the production of our products, which is why our products are very safe to use. Therefore, we do not need to put pictograms warning about hazardous substances on our packaging which warnings can be found on the packaging of our competition.

The gas mixture used in aerosols allows for continuous and stable application regardless of the amount of "active ingredient" of the product in the package.

Aerosol products have a valve that allows you to work in the 360ᵒ system.

The packaging of the preparation in the Duo Spray system has a unique patented by our company applicator with a security seal, which guarantees transport safety and guarantees safety against accidental use by children.

Our degreasers are based on citrus and are therefore biodegradable products.

Premium packaging for hybrid adhesives, lubricants and silicones enables accurate application without the use of a gun with one hand with the possibility of adjusting the width of the substance to be fed.

Our laboratory creates products and solutions for individual customer needs.

We give the opportunity to adapt the product to the customer's needs, for example a change in aerosol consistency: lithium spray, NLGI 2 ,NLGI 3 and NLGI 0 greases - greases for the central lubrication system.

Strict quality control system - this confirms a negligible percentage of returns due to a product defect.

A very wide range - our products are used by specialists in many industries: from the broadly understood automotive business, through in general industry, mines, steel mills, CHP, refineries, sawmills, etc. Our products are used on land, in water / fresh and salt / air, in temperatures from -60ᵒC to 1400ᵒC.

We are a Polish manufacturer.

Globalization - we serve clients in various parts of the world by having our distributors in 24 countries.

Customer service - our sales staff undergo product training and have full support of the technical department, in addition our customer can count on us whenever there is a need - we are happy to give full support.

Our advantage is the way in which we operate, i.e. fast decision making, high production flexibility, openness to innovations, etc.

Product Ranges and Products

Construction:  Building cleaning, industrial cleaning, exterior cleaning, Construction chemicals

Engineering:  Agricultural equipment, accessories, spare parts, Machinery, industrial equipment: Chemistry

Customers and Target Groups

Chemical industry, varnishes, lacquers, paints, Other, Wholesale

Sales Region

Benelux,UK&Ireland,Switzerland,Southeast Europe,Spain,Scandynavia,Germany